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At Thor Metals Group, we always act in your best interest because we have no hidden motives. We exist to do things differently by providing transparent and trustworthy guidance in direct purchases or incorporating precious metals into your IRA. We are committed to helping you optimize metals investments to maximize your portfolio’s value.


With integrity, honesty, and transparency, we serve as an ally, shielding you from exploitation. If you’re still not sure, call us and then call the other guys to experience the stark difference in customer experience.

We Are Thor.


Years Combined Experience

Decades of combined experience give us expertise and insight into the industry that drives us to educate and protect investors passionately and with integrity.


In Metals Sold

Our team has helped investors at all stages of their precious metals journey protect their retirements, helping them buy millions in gold, silver, and platinum.

Industries Disrupted

The way physical precious metals are sold needs to change. It shouldn’t be about making a sale. We develop lasting partnerships, with prompt support and expert guidance for the long haul.


Thor’s 10 Commandments Of Precious Metals Investing

While no actual chiseling occurred, we believe strongly in our commandments. Whether you’ve already made an investment or you’re looking into it, explore these unique (and fun) dos and don’ts to become enlightened.

What We Believe

We Are Changing the Conversation

We are telling the story of gold in a way that has never been done before, and we're disrupting an industry that is ripe for disruption.

We Keep It Simple

We’ve seen that with proper education, precious metals are among the easiest investments to understand.

We Believe in Education and Data

Holding gold as part of a well-diversified portfolio is supported by history, economic data, and performance indicators. We believe in sharing all relevant research about all precious metals with our clients.

We Embrace Full Transparency

A central part of our corporate mission is to conduct business in an open and honest manner. This runs counter to some industry practices but for us, it is the only way to properly serve our exclusive clientele.

We Feel This is a Critical Economic Moment

We're at an historical cross-road. Rising deficits, high inflation, and increasing geopolitical risk including growing armed conflicts are creating a volatile investment climate in which gold thrives.

We're the Right Choice at the Right Time

In an industry where sales and commissions often take priority over portfolio allocation and strategic retirement planning, Thor Metals Group shines as brightly and boldly as gold itself. Click our consultation button, for a FREE private consultation.

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