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About Us

Educating & Empowering You To Preserve Your Wealth

Gold has existed for thousands of years. It has transcended civilizations, generations, and the ebb and flow of society, politics, and economic schools of thought. Throughout history, when empires fell, world wars broke out, and financial systems collapsed, gold retained its value. To us, it is the purest and most enduring form of money.

At Thor Metals Group, we believe that the real story of gold is not being told. Its permanence, durability, and intrinsic value are undeniable and yet rarely shared by financial advisors, bankers, or Wall Street. We’re committed to educating Americans about the tangible, safe haven, and real money benefits of holding gold for retirement, posterity, and peace of mind.

For as long as humankind endures, gold will be here. It will always be rare and always be valuable. We’d like to help you acquire some through a seamless and transparent process.

We Are Thor.

Precious Metals IRA

Our Precious Metals IRA setup is seamless. We are one of the few companies that offer fully transparent transactions, personalized metal selections, VIP support, and a simple step-by-step process.

Gold IRA

Gold is a time-tested store of value. For many investors, savers and retirees, a gold IRA is a sensible choice for diversifying a portfolio and protecting acquired wealth from market risk.

Silver IRA

Like gold, silver is a smart choice for a self-directed IRA account. It has a lower cost per ounce price and has some of the same wealth-preserving qualities as gold.


Get More With Thor:

We Keep Things Simple

Acquiring precious metals should be a straightforward and uncomplicated process. We're committed to keeping things simple.

We Are Changing the Conversation

We are telling the story of gold in a way that has never been done before, and we're disrupting an industry that is ripe for disruption.

We Believe In Education and Data

Holding gold as part of a well-diversified portfolio is supported by history, economic data, and performance indicators. We believe in sharing all relevant research about all precious metals with our clients.

We Embrace Full Transparency

A central part of our corporate mission is to conduct business in an open and honest manner. This runs counter to some industry practices but for us, it is the only way to properly serve our exclusive clientele.

We Feel This Is A Critical Economic Moment

We're at an historical cross-road. Rising deficits, high inflation, and increasing geopolitical risk including growing armed conflicts are creating a volatile investment climate in which gold thrives.

We're The Right Choice At The Right Time

In an industry where sales and commissions often take priority over portfolio allocation and strategic retirement planning, Thor Metals Group shines as brightly and boldly as gold itself. Click our consultation button, for a FREE private consultation.


Investment-Grade Precious Metals

Get Direct Delivery & Optimize Your Precious Metals Portfolio

Direct Delivery

Want to buy certified precious metals at fair prices? We take it a step further than other dealers. With direct delivery and prompt service from Thor Metals, you won’t be waiting months, wondering where your metals are. And, as an added protection, your coins and bars are fully insured until you have them in hand.

Free Portfolio Review and Product Exchange

If you're already holding some precious metals in your portfolio and you're wondering whether you have the right product selections or metals mix, let us review your holdings and make an assessment. If you bought gold, silver, or proprietary coins elsewhere, we'll still provide a complimentary evaluation and exchange and/or replace any potential "trouble assets" with fully liquid, mint-backed coins and bars.

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