Precious Metals Exchanges

So, you're happy you invested in precious metals, but aren’t sure about what you chose for your portfolio… Sound familiar? We see portfolios with proprietary coins and bars that lack essential liquidity all the time. We will review your portfolio to identify these bad assets so you can replace them with Thor-Approved, investment-grade metals.

How It Works


Walk Through Your Portfolio

Get clarity on the value of metals (and everything else!).


Put Together An Optimized Portfolio

Expert guidance to exchange metals to optimize portfolio value/liquidity.


Execute Exchange

Metals are sent to you or swapped into your IRA portfolio.


Exchange Precious Metals To Optimize Your Portfolio

Clarity On The Value Of Your Portfolio

With proprietary coins being hard to price check and brokers dodging your calls, it can be impossible to reach someone or get a straight answer if you do.

Help Finding Exchange Opportunities

Our comprehensive, expert review of your portfolio uncovers any low-value, proprietary metals while also ensuring your optimized diversification of your metals.

Identify Opportunities In Your Portfolio

All metals have a supply/demand market associated with them. Simply pivoting a coin to another mint or changing weight can add value now and even in the future.

Ease of Transaction

We use a single wholesaler for direct buys and exchanges (including in IRAs), who can simultaneously liquidate bad and acquire Thor-Approved metals.

A Partnership With Unmatched Benefits

You get follow-up calls from an expert whose incentive is a long-term partnership and human connection as we buy back at market value (no fees or commissions).

Ensuring Your Metals Investment Is Optimized

From allocation %, weight, type, and liquidity, we can optimize your portfolio. Armed with deep expertise, we help you take advantage of all available opportunities for performance.


Gold Coins & Bars

Thor-Approved gold meets all standards of investment-grade metal with a purity level of 99%+, is fully liquid/universally recognized, and has a market value solely determined by its weight, purity, quality, and the supply/demand market. Whether as part of a precious metals IRA or for direct delivery, these gold bars and coins are a great investment. Call us for a full list and own certified gold in no time.

British Gold Britannia
Gold American Eagle
Australian Gold Kangaroo
Gold Bars

Have Questions About Your Precious Metals Exchange?

Please reach out with any questions you have about our portfolio review or anything related to exchanges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A metal exchange involves liquidating specific coins and/or bars in your portfolio and then acquiring different coins and/or bars immediately using the proceeds from the liquidation.