Platinum Bars & Coins

With increase in demand and an off-ratio valuation, platinum’s future is looking bright for investors. Have questions? Contact us for our full list of Thor-Approved platinum bars and coins.


Why Invest in Platinum?

Inflation-Resistant Investment

While not seen as an alternative currency, platinum’s finite supply and desirability make it an inflation-resistant investment like other precious metals.

Demand from Catalytic Convertors

Industrial demand drives much of platinum’s market performance. Prices are expected to continue to rise due to its automotive applications.

Rising Military Demand

Though it may be taboo to talk about, military demand for platinum for things like catalytic converters has skyrocketed making its supply in the retail market very low.

Major Role In Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen is an alternative energy source with use predicted to skyrocket. Given platinum’s major role in its production, there will likely be a major deficit in available platinum.

Unmatched Historic Reputation

The platinum package is always the best. Given this reputational superiority, logic dictates the price would align. However, it’s currently trading at only half the price of gold.

Compellingly Undervalued

When comparing metals the ratio is off. Based on a historic inverse relationship with palladium, the lack of increase in price with a decline in palladium value is anomalous.


Platinum Coins & Bars

Thor-Approved platinum meets all standards of investment-grade metal with a purity level of 99%+, is fully liquid/universally recognized, and has a market value solely determined by its weight, purity, quality, and the supply/demand market. Whether as part of a precious metals IRA or for direct delivery, these platinum bars and coins are a great investment. Call us for a full list and own certified platinum in no time.