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We answered this question because it will probably surprise you quite a bit. The largest, heavily marketed firms are notorious for taking several months in some cases to deliver metals on direct delivery. One only needs to look at complaints or one-star reviews on the BBB website to see what I am referring to. In fact, this inexplicable lack of urgency when shipping metals to clients was a major reason why I started my own precious metals business. I was so tired of fielding frantic calls from first-time investors who had put their entire nest egg into metals for its conservative protection. Yet fall had turned into spring without so much as a coin showing up on their doorstep. Knowing what I know about the actual shipping times for metals… if the order is properly placed and executed in a timely manner, it is completely inexplicable how it can take more than a few weeks maximum to receive them. This is a big problem and one that I feel is brushed under the rug. Thus, to make a long answer longer, newer companies such as ours that are owned by a founder with credentials and a reputation such as mine have a heightened sense of duty when it comes to things such as expedient shipping as the combination of the internet with a reputation for long shipping times combine to form a business-killing mixture.