Precious Metals Direct Delivery

Want to buy certified precious metals at fair prices? We take it a step further than other dealers. With Thor Metals, you won’t be waiting months, wondering where your metals are. For your protection, your coins and bars are fully insured until you have them in hand.

How It Works


Pick Out Your Portfolio

We will help you using one of our guides.


Send The Bank Wire

Pay electronically for your metals.


Metals Are Sent To You

Fully insured until it’s in your hands.


Why Direct Delivery from Thor Metals?

Timely Shipping

Tired of waiting months for your metals? With Thor, you’ll get them in under 28 days (as required by law) often much sooner.

Secure Shipping

Your metals are shipped securely and packaged so they are not damaged in transit.

Convenience & Transparency

With Thor Metals, your precious metals direct delivery is a smooth process where you’re kept in the loop and know what to expect.


All of your gold, silver, and/or platinum is insured at full value until you have them in your hand.

Secure Payment Process

Security and privacy are crucial to Thor Metals. We ensure your electronic payments are secure and will never sell your information.

Hold It In Your Hand

With precious metals direct delivery, you get the security and privacy of owning and holding onto your valuable asset.


Investment-Grade Coins & Bars

When buying precious metals, you have to look out for proprietary coins and bars as they often lack liquidity. We promise all Thor-approved coins and bars are certified, investment-grade coins with true value and liquidity so there will be no surprises later.

Have Questions About Direct Delivery?

Please reach out to us with any questions you have about precious metals or direct delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As soon as we receive tracking information, we pass it along to the customer.