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American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle stands out as the world's most favored coin without a doubt. Originating in 1985 and introduced in 1986, these silver coins hold the prestigious title of being the official bullion coin of the United States. Annually, the US Mint produces these coins in bullion, proof, and burnished editions to cater to both investors and collectors.

Shield Your Savings From the Volatility of the Stock Market

Gold’s resilience over time makes it among the most secure investments one can make. The comparison below shows the enduring value and wealth preservation gold can provide, making it a critical component of any long-term investment strategy.


Silver Data

S&P 500

S&P Data

Silver outperformed the S&P 500 by 101% from 2000 to 2024.

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Hold Onto Buying Power

Like gold, silver protects you against turbulent inflation and holds value as the dollar depreciates since it also cannot be printed.

Solar Panels Driving Industrial Demand

As an essential component in solar panels, industrial demand for silver is rising as alternative energy becomes more and more desired worldwide.

More Bang For Your Buck

Silver is an affordable alternative that serves the same purpose and accomplishes many of the same investment objectives as gold. 


Lower Price = Transactable

Given a lower price per ounce, it is easily divisible for sale and much more transactable. You can sell an ounce worth just 100 vs 10,000 dollars for gold.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Silver ownership provides privacy. Unlike some assets, silver purchases do not require reporting to financial institutions or governments in many cases. 

Safe Long-Term Investment

Silver bars and coins have intrinsic value, regardless of external conditions. Coins today have no intrinsic value; yet, a 1937 silver dime is worth its weight in silver.

Don’t Get Fooled By Gimmicks… Know What You’re Buying.

“The difference between a typical precious metals broker and a used car salesman is that after getting baited into purchasing an overpriced car, at least you drive off the lot in a $60k Corvette and not a $60k unbranded scooter. Thor Metals Group refuses to sell grossly overpriced proprietary bullion coins. They are purposely made obscure so the investor cannot price shop them… even though the more obscure, the harder it is to liquidate, and the less it is worth. We would rather sacrifice profit by selling liquid, universally recognized, Thor-Approved bullion coins than sacrifice our integrity. ‘Once you lose integrity the rest is a piece of cake.’" This is a piece of cake our company will never eat!”

Bandon Thor

CEO of Thor Metals

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